The team consists highly educated engineers which are working together successfully for years. This is a key factor for the success of this project.

The team and the project is financed by german private equity.
The development team is leaded by our CTO, who is very knowledgeable in software development processes especially in the field of data compression and distribution and infrastructure. He also owns several patents in this section. The CTO will hold a quarterly “Development online Q&A”. Community events are in our mind as well.
The development team contains currently 18 developers, of which eight are working full time. The team has years of experience and knowledge in XRPL technology.
Further the X-Storage team has 5 members in the marketing department and 3 members in finance and administration.
The team is supported by ten to fifteen business professionals and consultants from various branches.

5 members of marketing, 3 members finance and admin and show 11 business professionals and consultants