In the following you will find the planned road map of X-Storage:

- Q1 2021

Foundation and first draft of the specification book

- Q2 2021

Setting up the team and funding of the project

- Q3 2021

Start of the development process (base system)

- Q4 2021

Presale Listing of the token XSTX on XRDOGE DEX or Sologenic Dex (Discounted price)

- Q1 2022

Application for Exchange-Listing (KuCoin, or similar)

- Q2 2022

Exchange-Listing (KuCoin, or similar)

- Q3 2022

Launch of the first Basic application of XSTX (System Login possible)

- Q4 2022

Launch of storage distribution

- Q2 2023

Application Streaming (SDS) planned

- Q3 2023

Application Live Video Streaming / Broadcasting Service (LVS) planned

- Q3 2024

Application 3D Near Real Time Rendering Service (3DRS) planned

- Q4 2025

Application 3D Real Time Game Play Streaming Ser. (3DGPSS) planned