Provide blockchain storage

Do you have an extra space to share with others? Join Xstorage and Provide a blockchain storage facility to earn some passive income.


Achievement of economies of scale

The real power behind the success of Xstorage is the achievement of economies of scale. As we allow everyone from large dedicated businesses to small entrepreneurs to contribute to the storage space, this gives us leverage to offer better rates and thus more customers for our partner storage providers.

Set up your data storage points

By combining the disk spaces and other forms of hardware storage, you can increase the chances of winning storage deals and earning money and grace points.

Multiple hardware options available

You can utilize a variety of hardware options to ensure storage. From large computers to disk racks, combine all your resources and join our storage-providing community.

Fair market for everyone

At XStorage, you can get an opportunity to create a fair marketplace that is visible and accessible by everyone, the storage providers and the storage seekers.

Store more files to get more retunes

Storing more files or providing our users with large storing units brings in benefits for you too. By storing more files, you’ll have more reward points, which means more earning; who doesn’t want it?

Who gets more preference?

As the blockchain storage facility is required for easy storage with quick retrieval of information, the storage provider ensuring low latency and high bandwidth while being close to the end-user will get the most out of this dealing,
How do you contribute towards the community by becoming part of XStorage?

Create an open, resilient, and democratized internet environment

Contribute towards the decentralization and democratization of how data is stored on the internet, revolutionizing the future.

Connect with people all around the world

Irrespective of the connection speed in various parts of the world, Xstorage allows you to create a network that can ensure great connections to bring different relationships together.
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Preserve human heritage
Open access to scientific data, historical archives, creative commons media, the public record, and other such files are part of the data storage in which the XStorage providers contribute.
Preserve planet
The Xstorage proves to be an environmental-friendly blockchain as it does not use the proof-of-work that creates redundancy and resource wastage.
Dynamic storage provider
As multiple storage providers are part of the network, we help each other make the setup more efficient, reliable, and profitable for everyone.