Game Streaming

The market section of electronic gaming has grown over the last decade tremendously and its turnover exceeds the combined income of the whole music and movie industries worldwide.

The quality and realism of the game content have improved dramatically in recent years. The related hardware needed has become more complex and much more expensive as well. This is the major limiting factor for the further market expansion of the leading companies in the electronic games industry (e.g. EA, Ubisoft, Activision-Blizzard).

The currently decreasing availability of these required hardware components creates an additional bottleneck problem.

The X-Storage Game Streaming function of the X-Storage network will be developed to overcome this issue for high quality realism game content and will enable millions of new customers with low performance hardware (smartTV, web tablets, standard PC’s and laptops) to join the high performance gaming world.

This X-Storage service will connect literally the game publisher directly to a user in front of his smartTV. A selected X-Storage Cluster Unit qualified for this service will be linked to the user end device (smartTV) and is processing + rendering the entire HQ game content. A permanent real time video conversion (by onboard DSP of the GAC) and re-streaming of this video picture (+ sound) to the end user’s screen will eliminate the current hardware requirements to be able to join and enjoy those types of games. Devices of the end user just become the status of a display/screen and a remote control (tv rm control, mouse, keyboard, touchscreen).

This elimination of the hardware requirements is directly correlated to the bandwidth and especially to the latency of the users broadband connection. This will decide about the nature of HQ games (e.g. strategy vs car racing) the X-Storage Game Streaming function will offer / recommend to the user, to ensure always the best gaming experience possible.

The benchmarking tool of the web front end layer of the X-Storage Main Hub is analysing and balancing the aspects of FPS, level of detail, screen resolution and network latency which are crucial parameters for the extent of the X-Storage Game Streaming service provided.

Besides the fact that a low hardware entry level for the end user’s device will create a broad inflow of new users to this market section, is this X-Storage Game Streaming service opening up a complete new spectrum of very profitable and dynamic business models for the publishers of electronic games.

Billing and payment for all participants of the X-Storage Game Streaming service will be executed in real time via smart contracts of XRP ledger and compensated in XSTX.