3D-VR Streaming

Very similar to the X-Storage Game Streaming service is the concept of the X-Storage 3D-VR Video Streaming application. For a long time now, virtual 3D worlds have been seen as the next level of interaction in social media networks. But in order to have a high quality “real world like” experience, a certain level of 3D hardware is absolutely necessary. Talking about a combination of 3D and VR the hardware requirements raise another step.

All the fantasies of the 3D Metaverse projects (META, DCL, etc.) are depending on the current fact and barrier of the (potential) level of mass adoption across the planet.

The technical process of distributed remote 3D rendering and re-streaming via a selected X-Storage Cluster Unit qualified for this service and linked to the user’s end device (smartTV) is congruent to the X-Storage Game Streaming service except for the application layer. This application layer contains various API constructs especially configured for the demands of 3D-VR Metaverse projects.

This will make the X-Storage network a tailor made hosting environment solution for complete 3D-VR metaverse projekts and their needs to manage all aspects of their administration, data storage, processing, 3D rendering and streaming up to billing and payment.

Furthermore, the base structure of the X-Storage network allows not just for a hosting of multiple metaverses. The X-Storage 3D-VR Video Streaming function will contain a generic

crossbridge API to interconnect different 3D metaverses and a growing set of combining features.

Billing and payment for all participants of the 3D-VR Video Streaming service will be executed in real time via smart contracts of XRP ledger and compensated in XSTX.