Dynamic storage for dynamic people

Decentralized file storage on blockchain to store any data you want.

Exploring XStorage

What does XStorage bring in

With the existing centralized cloud storage methods, users have limited options available, raising the prices and giving more power to these companies. Unlike this scenario, decentralized blockchain file storage offers more power to the buyer, making it easily accessible and reasonably priced.

Hyper-local and efficient storage is part of the storage features that we offer to the users.

You don’t have to rely on centralized and limited options for storage.


How to store data using Xstorage?

While saving your data on cloud storage, you’ll find all the available storage options with their prices.

The storage provider competes over the prices and features to get in contact with you.

It is you who decides the winner of the contract, thus having all the rights.

You can send data files to the service provider, and they’ll store them properly for you.You’ll need to prove your identity through cryptographic proofs to access the files.

Depending upon the data transfer and storage rates finalized, you’ll have to pay the storage provider.

How to store data using XStorage?

Storing documents, files, and images has always been a problem. But not anymore! With blockchain decentralized file storage, you’ll never be stuck in the storage problem again.

Xstorage is the Distributed storage partner on blockchain that can ensure maximum ease, security, and authenticity of your data. So save all your data without worrying about the space on your hard drive anymore!

With XStorage as the distributed storage partner on the blockchain, you’ll feel the actual change.

Let’s explore what does XStorage brings for you and how does it solve your problems.

Powerful and dynamic storage environment

At XStorage, we provide you with a powerful and dynamic storage system to store anything anytime you want. Similarly, information retrieval is as simple as storage, so you will not have any issues with your data recovery. The best part is that you don’t have to look for a specific device or time to store or retrieve your files. It is always available!

Secure and Reliable

One of the other things to note about blockchain decentralized file storage is its security and reliability. No one wants to lose the data or let it be accessed by others, right? While dealing with the XStorage blockchain decentralized file storage system, you can be sure that your data is in safe hands, and you wouldn’t have to face issues like a data breach.

Hypercompetitive pricing

With numerous storage providers in the cycle, the overall storage cost that you have to bear is the bare minimum. Get access to the best storage facility at the least cost, providing you with the best value.

Superior networking facility

We collaborate with IPFS to provide you with a superior networking facility. With this peer-to-peer protocol, you can expect an efficient and secure location for data storage.

Verifiable action

XStorage verifies the proofs and automatically takes corrective actions without creating any burden for you or compromising your data.

Knowledge without barriers

Accessing knowledgeable content is free for everyone worldwide through cloud storage technology. The country barriers wouldn’t restrict knowledge sharing.

Proof of Space Time

You’ll get the guarantee of the entirety of your file concerning any form of alteration in it.

Proof of replication

XStorage allows proof of the file replication (frequency identified at the time of contract)

Who can use XStorage?
Are you wondering who can use XStorage? Everyone who wants to save data and access it for later use can utilize XStorage. You can utilize it for storing.
Each of these usages of Xstorage can open new horizons for you. Explore the blockchain decentralized file storage in detail and get the most value out of it.